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  • Bespoke Furniture Makers Cheltenham

    Westcote Design creates incredible bespoke furniture in Cheltenham. We provide unique designs using high-quality materials that ensure your furniture is durable as well as the perfect fit for your home. Our team are expert bespoke furniture makers in Cheltenham will create the best for you.

    What makes Westcote Design the best designers for you is our focus on quality. But what does this mean? It means we guarantee an excellent service, designs, and materials. This gives you a wide range of choice over the bespoke furniture in Cheltenham that you want. From choosing incredible designs, patterns, and materials you have complete control over your new furniture.

    As well as bespoke furniture in Cheltenham, our team offers furniture restoration and furniture reupholstery in Cheltenham. We aim to provide you with the best services for you, whether it’s handmade bespoke furniture or restoration or reupholstery.

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  • Finials

    Bespoke Furniture Cheltenham

    One of the biggest investments people make in their home is furniture. Whether it’s a bespoke sofa in Cheltenham, armchair, or dining room chairs, you want to buy the best option for you. When you’re buying furniture it should be for the long term. That’s why you need furniture that’s high-quality and durable so it’s worth your investment.

    Bespoke furniture is the only way to get the perfect fit for your home in the long term. Choosing furniture can be difficult as you want it to suit the style of your home. But how do you find the option that is the ideal fit for you? Handmade furniture is the only way to get furniture that is built for your home and all your needs.

    At Westcote Design, we’ve been bespoke furniture makers in Cheltenham for over 25 years. As a team, we believe in a simple design process that provides you with the best handmade bespoke furniture in Cheltenham. All you have to do is discuss your furniture design ideas with us and our team can make them a reality.

    All the handmade furniture in Cheltenham we make can be adjusted to suit your individual needs. That’s why our bespoke furniture is the perfect fit for you and your home. Whatever you need or want from your furniture, we can design and build a unique piece for you.

  • Furniture Restoration & Furniture Reupholstery in Cheltenham

    We not only design, create, and build incredible handmade furniture but we can help restore any old furniture too. Our furniture restoration in Cheltenham involves using techniques and materials to restore your furniture to its original quality. With the right furniture restoration, any old furniture will look as good as new.

    Our furniture restoration in Cheltenham can also improve the durability of any furniture. This will preserve it so it doesn’t deteriorate over time. Effective restoration will remove all dirt and debris from the furniture. But there are many types of furniture and some made need reupholstery rather than restoration.

    Furniture reupholstery can breathe fresh life into any older furniture pieces. When you live with furniture like sofas for years, you can become attached to them. Instead of throwing any furniture you want to keep away, with a little work you can restore it to how you remember it. Our furniture & sofa reupholstery in Cheltenham, you can extend the life of the furniture you love.

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  • Design Options:

    There are a number of ways that you can make a piece of Westcote Design handmade furniture unique to you:

    • Pieces in our Hartford Collection can be made to custom dimensions
    • You can choose from a range of cushion fillings
    • Our open policy on fabrics allows free choice of upholstery fabric

    Alternatively, you can commission us to design and produce a piece of furniture from scratch that is as individual as you are.

    Why Choose us as Your Furniture Designers?

    • Mark and David have each worked in the industry for over 40 years
    • Trusted bespoke furniture makers in Cheltenham
    • High-quality materials
    • Expert furniture design, advice, and guidance
    • Bespoke furniture commissions designed to meet your needs
    • Nationwide delivery

    Based in Oxfordshire, we also work with clients across the surrounding counties plus London and the South West.

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