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Bespoke Sofas Oxford

Here at Westcote Design we take real pride in the quality of our bespoke sofas. We have a whole range of designs available for you to choose from, all of them made with only the highest quality materials.

We’ve been making bespoke sofas in Oxford for over 25 years now, so you can trust in our quality of manufacturing and service.

  • bench wood
    Made with beech wood frames
  • wadding
    Filled with Natural wadding
  • coil springs
    Constructed with coil spring units
  • feathers
    Available in a choice of cushion fillings

All of our bespoke sofas in Oxford are handmade and upholstered by our experienced team, meaning you can guarantee quality. When you buy a sofa, you’re going to want it to last year after year, and we only use the highest quality materials so we can be rest assured that your investment will last.

We offer three different bespoke sofa collections in Oxford: Hartford, Trinity, and Oriel. Each offers something slightly different, but our superior quality is the same throughout.

Bespoke Sofas & Matching Chairs

If you are wanting to print out the information on an example its easy. Just click on the print icon and you will be able to print all the examples out that are on this page or you can select a page number ( which will add up with the product going left to right on each row ). If you are not sure please give us a ring or get in contact.

  • Stanhope - Hartford Collection

    Stanhope Hartford Sofa
  • Howard - Hartford Collection

    Howard Cushion
  • Hugo - Hartford Collection

    Sofa Hartford acc3
  • Tiree - Hartford Collection

    Tiree Sofa
  • Pelham - Hartford Collection

    Pelham Sofa
  • Lewis - Hartford Collection

    Lewis Sofa
  • Arran - Hartford Collection

    Arran Sofa
  • Venton - Hartford Collection

    Venton Sofa
  • Chester - Hartford Collection

    Chester Sofa
  • Keats - Hartford Collection

    Keats Sofa
  • Blenheim - Hartford Collection

    Bleinham Sofa
  • Oakley - Hartford Collection

    Oakley Sofa
  • Woodstock - Hartford Collection

    Woodstaock Sofa
  • Bladon - Hartford Collection

    Bladon Sofa
  • Howard Fixed Back - Hartford Collection

    Howard Sofa
  • Wordsworth - Hartford Collection

    Wordsworth Sofa
  • Westminister - Hartford Collection

    Westminster Sofa
  • Henley - Hartford Collection

    Henley Sofa
  • Knole - Hartford Collection

    Knole Sofa
  • Westminister (Scroll Arm) - Hartford Collection

    Westminster Scrollarm Sofa
  • Alice - Trinity Collection

    Alice Sofa
  • Albany - Trinity Collection

    Trinity Albany Sofa
  • Helena - Trinity Collection

    Trinity Helena Sofa
  • Suzi - Trinity Collection

    Trinity Suzi Sofa
  • Tuscany - Trinity Collection

    Trinity Tuscany Sofa
  • Valencia - Trinity Collection

    Trinity Valencia Sofa
  • Atlanta - Trinity Collection

    Atlanta Sofa
  • Darwin - Trinity Collection

    Sofa Darwin-1-C
  • Callisto - Oriel Collection

    Sofa Oriel Callistoc
  • Ophelia - Oriel Collection

    Ophelia Sofa
  • Hartford Collection

    Every bespoke sofa in our Hartford collection is made from beech frames and is stuffed with natural waddings. Each sofa is fitted with coil spring units to incorporate a sprung edge for maximum comfort. We also offer a choice of cushion fillings.

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    Trinity Collection

    Our Trinity collection is both inspired and affordable. Each bespoke sofa is built with a birch frame, foam wrapped, and fitted with serpentine springing. We also give duck feather or fibre cushions as standard. At Westcote we know that your main priorities are quality and affordability, and the Trinity collection covers exactly that.

  • Oriel Collection

    Our Oriel collection is full of stylish designs which will fit perfectly in any contemporary setting. All of the sofas in this collection are handmade, use either beech or birch wood frames, and are either foam padded or stuffed with natural waddings. We know how important choice can be, and the Oriel collection provides real flexibility.

    We know how important choice is when it comes to deciding on a sofa, so on top of the three collections we offer, we can also do bespoke furniture commissions. Just speak to one of us about your design ideas and we can come to an agreement and get your perfect sofa made for you. Most of our other sofas are also customisable, so if you have any particular needs, do let us know.

    If you are not looking for a new sofa but are hoping to restore or get sofa reupholstery in Oxford then see our upholstery service and get in touch today.

    We’re proud to be a local business, but we can also deliver nationwide. So wherever you are, we’ll ensure you get your new sofa quickly and easily.

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