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    Our New Online Home

    Welcome to the new online home of Oxfordshire’s leading bespoke furniture manufacturers:

    Westcote Design

    As a business, our aim is to design the best quality, handmade furniture for our customers. How do we achieve this? We focus on excellent customer service and unmatched design. This is a commitment we made as a company to ensure we only supply the best in luxury furniture.

    Bespoke Furniture Oxfordshire

    At Westcote Design, we understand that purchasing furniture for your home can be a large investment. Not just financially but also the fact you want something you are going to love.
    To find a sofa, dining room chairs, or an armchair you love it’s vital to find the right designers. This is because the right designers can take the idea in your mind and craft it into reality. At Westcote, we have a team of friendly and expert designers who are here to help you find the right luxury furniture for you. But what exactly is this process?

    Furniture Designs

    At Westcote, finding the right luxury furniture design for you and your home is a simple process. We understand that home interior design can be stressful and want to remove any stress in the buying process. All you have to do is contact us and tell us whether you want an already existing design or have an idea for a bespoke piece. That’s all.

    We can make your furniture to any requirements and your exact specifications. Which is why our team are always happy to talk to discuss ideas and requirements;

    Contact Us Today

    If you have any furniture design ideas or requests, please give us a call on 01608 659 091. One of our friendly and specialist team will be happy to discuss any questions with you. Or you can fill out the enquiry form on our contact page today.