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  • Bespoke Furniture Makers: Why Westcote Design?

    We are a team of highly experienced and passionate bespoke furniture makers and designers that specialise in upholstery. We aim to create beautiful sofas, chairs, cushions, and more to suit every person’s style and specific tastes. We also dedicate our time to restoring your furniture that may look a little aged or damaged, or pieces you think deserve a little rejuvenation.

    High-Quality Furniture Upholstery

    The beauty of upholstery is that your furniture can be customised to meet your exact vision. Here at Westcote Design, we use only the highest quality materials to ensure that all furniture lasts as long as possible. Our goal is to provide furniture that lasts from the day you purchase it to the day you’re done with it! 

    A Highly Experienced Team

    The 2 partners at Westcote Design have a collective 90 years of experience dedicated to the skill of upholstery and each of us has our own specialities as bespoke furniture makers although we couldn’t achieve what we do without the support and knowledge of our team colleagues. 

    We may be experts in the creation of bespoke furniture, but our skills don’t end there! We are proud to say we offer an incredibly friendly service dedicated to offering careful guidance and knowledge about any piece you’re interested in.

    Our team can provide information bespoke to each piece and expert aftercare advice to help you maintain your piece. 

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    We’re Proud to Be a Local Business

    Westcote Design was born and nurtured right here in Oxfordshire. Mark and David founded the business in 1991 in Milton-under-Wychwood and later moved to Kingham to establish a showroom to display their work. We are incredibly proud of where we come from and are even prouder of the business we’ve created in the place we call home. 

    As a local business, we aim to support other local businesses too. We do our best to supply materials locally as much as we’re able to and we always help those who help and support us.

    Nationwide Delivery

    While our main business functions and showroom are based in Oxfordshire, we offer our services to those in neighbouring counties, including London and the South-West. We offer delivery 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday, and do our absolute best to accommodate and provide the best service possible. 

    Get Furniture that is Uniquely Yours

    Not only do we use high-quality materials, but our bespoke furniture makers strive to meet your exact needs and wants when it comes to your ideas. We are completely flexible and can work with a vast range of materials, fabrics and decorative pieces.

    If you’re not interested in purchasing a new piece of furniture, then not to worry. We also dedicate much of our time to reviving existing pieces you may already own. Our team understand your sofa or chair may hold great sentimental value, whether it was inherited from a loved one or gifted by a friend. We promise to handle your items with tenderness and care. You will receive nothing but the best final product when trusting us with your furniture.

    Choose Westcote Design as your Bespoke Furniture Makers

    If you’re interested in bespoke furniture makers in Oxford then Westcote Design is for you. We are dedicated to offering the best upholstery service to give your furniture that extra sparkle. Contact Westcote Designs today to spruce up your home.