• How is Bespoke Furniture Made?

    Buying bespoke furniture is the best way to ensure you get the right luxury furniture for you and your home. If you have a specific design idea in your head, sometimes the only way to make this idea a reality is to purchase a custom-made piece.

    If this is your first time looking at bespoke handmade furniture you may be expecting a lengthy and expensive process, right? But this is not the case. At least with us at Westcote.

    As much as we pride ourselves as a business on high-quality products, we also want to provide affordable choices for people. This is because we enjoy making furniture and want our furniture to be available for as many people as possible.

    How your furniture is manufactured is simple. You can break it down into three easy steps:

    Choose the Right Piece for You

    This is the really fun bit. You can browse our existing furniture collections and see if anything catches your eye. If you decide you need something custom-made and bespoke you can use our variety of existing designs as inspiration. Whether you choose an existing design or a bespoke new piece we can help;

    The Build Begins

    Once you have chosen your design our expert frame makers and upholsterers will start building your new luxury furniture.

    Your Furniture Arrives

    The big day. Once your design is finalised and your furniture has been built, we will deliver your new furniture to your home. All the furniture we transport is wrapped securely to ensure its protection during the journey.

    Contact Us Today

    If beautiful, bespoke furniture sounds like something you don’t want to miss out on then give us a call. You can call us on 01608 659 091 or alternatively you can fill out the enquiry form on our contact page. Thank you for reading this blog, please feel free to have a look around our brand-new site.