Professional decorator choosing the best upholstery for the armchair
  • Brighten Up a Dark Room with Furniture

    When winter comes, the nights draw in and your room gets darker much earlier. Sitting in a dark room can lower your mood, so winter is the perfect time to start thinking about how to brighten up a dark room. Redecorating a room makes it fresh and new and gives you something to show off to your guests. 

    Join us as we list 4 quick and simple ways you can brighten up a room this winter.

    Use Bright Coloured Furniture to Brighten up a Dark Room

    When considering how to brighten up a dark room, reupholstery should be at the top of your list. You can use bright colours or popping patterns to add an edge to your style. While bright colours can be overbearing on the walls, a contrasting bright material on your sofa can give your room the lift it needs while sticking to your personal style.

    Reupholstery can also be a quick and simple way to lift a room. You’ll retain the sofa shape and style that you like, but get that brand new colour to give your room a fresh feeling. It’s also really cost-effective, only costing a fraction of the price of buying new, but providing those same wow-factor results. It’s also much better for the environment and helps to reduce waste.

    Embrace Patterns

    Patterns are a great way to brighten the mood in a darkened room. Patterned furniture next to a single coloured wall helps your furniture to stand out and allows you to express your unique style through colour and design. Again, reupholstery is a great option here. Here at Wescote Design we have a wide range of patterned fabrics that can be used to breathe new life into your old furniture. 


    Make the Most of Windows

    Windows are a great asset in your home. They let in natural light to brighten up any dark corners. But big, brazen furniture can often block out your much-needed sunlight and create unwanted shadows.

    When you purchase furniture and position it in your home, make sure to keep it away from your windows, so you don’t block out any opportunities to let light in.

    In the winter, it’s also particularly important to keep your windows clean to enhance any sunlight that comes through.

    Embrace Colourful Accessories

    To really make your room feel vibrant, try to make use of your accessories. You could use matching lampshades or upholster footstools to match your sofa design. Having colour-popping accessories against a plain background will really give your room a personality boost.

    Westcote Design provides bright and exciting upholstery designs for your furniture. They offer a bespoke service with professional upholsterers to spruce up your room and give it a new lease of life. If your rooms are feeling a little dark and flat, contact Westcote Design today for fabulous sofa reupholstery in Oxford.