Bed headboard
  • The Different Styles Of Headboards

    A handmade headboard is a component of the bed that can be personalised to your interior design preferences. Think about the first thing you notice in your bedroom. Often it’s the bed that’s the centrepiece of the room and its headboard is usually the most eye-catching feature. 


    Headboards create a level of comfort, prevent the wall from becoming scratched, provide back support, and, in some cases, can provide extra storage. You may not think that a headboard would be able to offer so much versatility, but with the right materials and design, you can install a stylish and practical choice.

    Styles Of Headboards 

    Before searching for the perfect bespoke headboard, it’s important to note the size of the room and wall, as well as your preferred material and design, so that you can be sure it will fit properly. There are many options style-wise: the most common being the bed-mounted headboard attached directly to the bed. This is so popular because it’s durable, easy to assemble, and helps to keep the bedding in place.


    Wall-mounted headboards are screwed directly to the wall which makes them awkward to move. A handmade headboard of this type would be efficient as long as you weren’t planning on moving it again very soon. If the bed frame does need to be relocated, the headboard would need to be unscrewed and moved separately.


    Freestanding headboards are completely separate from the frame of the bed, are sold independently, and are integrated between the bed and wall. They can help maximise spaces as they can incorporate storage space.

    Headboard Materials 

    When it comes to choosing the right material for your headboard, there are many options depending on what suits your style preferences and your bedroom.  

    Leather headboards are popular due to their timelessness and durability but can be expensive and are not animal friendly either. An alternative to this would be faux leather or suede and there are some very good ones out there at the moment.


    Arguably the material that gives you the most interior design freedom is upholstered headboards. With a bespoke upholstered headboard, you can choose from materials such as cotton, linen, or velvet. In addition to this, shallow or deep button, channel, or tufting is available as a finishing touch. This type of headboard provides the most comfort, as well as artistic expression, as they are soft and work well as a backrest. 


    We will always advise you to choose a material that is dependable and easy to maintain. If your headboard is going to sit in the sun, we can advise on materials that are less likely to fade although no fabric is completely fade proof if exposed to sun.


    No matter what your style is, whether you’re looking for traditional or more modern, there is a headboard out there for everyone. If you want freestanding, bed, or wall-mounted, we have bespoke headboards suitable for everyone’s needs and budgets. Get in contact with us at Westcote Design today via our contact form to get your bespoke handmade headboard.