• 6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bespoke Furniture

    Updated: Jan 2024

    If you’re in the process of refurbishing your home or have bought a new property and are looking for a few interesting ways to make the space your own, it’s safe to say you’re already looking at sofas, beds and lots of exciting furniture choices. However, poring through catalogues and online stores can get a bit tiresome after a while. If you know what you’re looking for from the perfect furniture and furnishings, why not consider investing in bespoke furniture?

    A bespoke fireside chair, sofa or footstool could help you to create a unique look for your living room which helps your home to be special to you. Add to that improved build quality, sustainability and the fact that you’d be supporting local artisans, and it’s not difficult to see why so many are opting for beautiful bespoke, handmade furnishings for their home.

    Handmade Furniture Means Extra Care

    When you buy a sofa, chair, or headboard from a furniture store, it’s likely to have rolled off an assembly line. These options can often feel really impersonal!

    When you invest in a handmade option for furnishings and home comforts, you can be sure that it has been handled and cared for by experts with a personal focus. Many people opt for bespoke furnishings for the fact that the personal touch is really easy to spot!

    Furniture Your Way

    When you look for standard catch-all furniture, you are likely going to need to make a few concessions or have to fit into a store’s limited design and size options. Why not flip this on its head?

    Our team can bring your perfect home standards to life for you at your request. We will design, build and deliver you incredible handmade furniture. Our team will take on board your specific requests and will design and build furnishings for you which will be made to fit the dimensions you have rather than making do with something which doesn’t quite fit the space.

    A Unique Look

    Of course, shopping with a bespoke furniture retailer also means that you’ll take advantage of a unique look for your home. When items such as a bespoke sofa are built from scratch, every look and finish is going to be slightly different from the last even down to the wood or paint colour for the legs. It also means you have endless options for fabrics rather than limited choices and colours. This means that any investments you make are always going to be unique to your home.

    Why follow the crowd? Choose a bespoke option, and you can be sure that you’ve got furniture which is completely your own.

    Create a Great First Impression

    Of course, you should also look into bespoke and handmade options if you really want to wow your guests! Think how impressive a bespoke fireside chair or sofa will look to anyone who has never come across one before.

    Ultimately, the best bespoke handmade furniture will transform your home, and do more for the aesthetic value of your property than the standard furnishings you’ll buy on the high street. What’s more, bespoke options are more affordable than you would think. You can even take one of our standard handmade pieces and add a few tweaks with very little cost impact. All of these are bespoke to your dimensions. Take a look and see for yourself!

    Support Local Artisans

    Choosing bespoke furniture often means supporting skilled craftspeople in your community. You’re helping the people around you pay their bills, put fuel in their cars and support their families, not sending off money to large corporations that don’t need it. It’s not just the furniture makers that benefit; it’s the entire network of local suppliers, farmers and more that will thank you.

    Bespoke Furniture is a Sustainable Investment

    High-quality, durable furniture can be seen as an investment that is more environmentally friendly than other options. Firstly, local artisans may use locally sourced goods and materials to curb unnecessary air miles.

    Bespoke furniture is also built to last by craftspeople that have expertise in their area. This minimises waste and reduces the need for frequent replacements. Say goodbye to cheap, throwaway furniture and invest in quality for the long term.

    Invest in Bespoke Furniture Today

    Looking to take the plunge and begin investing in high quality, beautifully made bespoke furniture? Westcote design have an extensive range of services and are proud to be one of the highest regarded bespoke furniture providers in Oxford.

    See how our bespoke furniture services can elevate your home’s interior. Contact Westcote Design today on 01608 659 091 or quickly fill in an enquiry form and submit it to our team. Your bespoke furniture dreams are made reality with Westcote Design.